We’re celebrating a little here at b.LUXE with our new staff member, Julie Washington, who joined our team this year, bringing with her a cache of talent and one incredible story! Julie is offering an exclusive John Sahag Dry Cut Giveaway, a $120 value, to one lucky winner!  Read on to learn more about Julie’s amazing journey and to enter the contest below!

To Julie Washington, having a jam-packed schedule at one of Boston’s busiest salons felt pretty darn good. She thought she was at the top of her game and had the waiting list to prove it! So imagine her surprise when 18 years ago, a new method of dry hair cutting came along that changed her view of everything! It all started the day an educator from the John Sahag Academy stopped into her salon for a demonstration.

“The first time I saw this method I had my doubts. I’d trained for years, learning every way to cut hair, but it was wet hair! For me, dry cutting was reserved for adding a bit of texture at the end. I was blown away by the difference a dry cut can make, the level of accuracy you can get and how individualized it is. It felt more sculptural than just angles and elevations. You can add volume, take away bulk and remove material you don’t need. This process allows you to step back and see the hair in its natural state, not heavy and clumped together as it is when wet.”

We’d all heard whispers about this cut… Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and all the Hollywood “It” girls had John Sahag on speed-dial. I mean, who didn’t ask their hairdresser for the “Rachel??” Well, the “Rachel” was the John Sahag Dry Cut and it went way further than just looking stylish!

“It’s tough when you know how to give a client an amazing cut and style but know they won’t be able to maintain that look at home. I used to try and strike a balance between a great haircut at the salon or something that worked for them every day. Giving safer, less innovative haircuts troubled me. I was feeling creatively stifled.”

This is where the JSDC shakes things up! Dry cutting allowed Julie the ability to let loose her artistic talent and not worry her clients might struggle with styling it on their own.

The JSDC merges fashion and function in one effortless service. This is the perfect haircut for clients wishing to grow out a shorter cut! Another unexpected perk – this cut grows in, not out! With every week that goes by, your hair naturally takes on a longer version of itself, keeping its shape and form. Instead of getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks, clients can wear a cut for many months and still look amazing.

Over the past 2 years, Julie completed the two-year certification program, traveling to New York, two weekends a month to fulfill her dream and become a certified John Sahag stylist!

“It was a crazy time, pure madness, but, I loved it! It was the best decision I ever made! Now I’m training for my teaching certification to keep the legacy going.

Dry Cut Giveaway!

Julie would like to offer you the chance to win a John Sahag Dry Cut and experience the freedom and ease this haircut gives! It’s a game-changer, People! Click on the contest box below and follow the prompts to like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and leave a comment in the provided space. Each prompt is worth one entry, so be sure to click, like and comment on them all! Good Luck!

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