Can you feel it? The shift in the weather, the few extra moments of daylight, the sudden urge to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the sand! Yup, summer is here!

We can say goodbye to winter coats, break out our flip-flops and enjoy a few months of sun-kissed skin and lots of aquatic fun! Now I know for most of us, summer is a time to amp up those beachy, blonde highlights and perhaps, try a lighter, brighter hair color, but with all summer’s fun and sun, your tresses might be sporting a not so beautiful shade of green? Pool and well water can wreak havoc on your hair!

Most people believe that chlorine is the culprit, but really, it’s just part of the problem! There’s a whole collection of harsh metals turning your hair green with the ringleader being copper!

Copper’s found in most swimming pools, particularly ones that are filled using well water. It can also enter the pool from certain copper-based algaecides. Chlorine oxidizes the metals in the water and binds them to the protein in your hair shaft.

While we love a soft, green patina on the Statue of Liberty, we definitely do NOT love one on our beachy, blonde highlights!

Here are a few tips to keep Hulk hair at bay!

Wet your hair!

Wetting your hair down before taking a dip in any pool, ocean or lake is key!  Hair is porous and if it’s dry, it’ll absorb the copper, minerals and salt from the water.  This is where a little hair prep goes a long way! After wetting your hair down, use a conditioner like Kevin Murphy’s Staying Alive Leave-In Treatment, which contains Olive Leaf Extract and Rose Hip Oil.  

Try a swim cap, too!

Yeah, yeah…we know, not exactly poolside chic, but, if you’re a regular swimmer, this is the way to go and a definite must-have for color-treated hair! They’re not completely waterproof, but they’ll hold your hair in place while you get your laps in!  Wet your hair down first and again, use Kevin Murphy’s Staying Alive before slapping that bad-boy on!

Stop using copper-based algaecides!

Some pool algaecides contain copper and yes, they do work, but they could also be causing your green hair! Look for metallic-free algaecides or pay close attention to your chlorine levels and don’t use the algaecides at all.

Start with healthy hair!

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The better condition your hair is in, the less likely it is to turn green! Your hair is vulnerable when it’s dry and damaged from heat tools, excess coloring or sun exposure! Pool treatments and ocean water can harm your hair, too!  Regular conditioning treatments, like “Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Deep Conditioning Masque” will help to repair your hair’s damaged cuticle and stop the green in its tracks!

Saltwater pools are safe, right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, they’re all the same.  Instead of manually adding chlorine to balance the ph, salt is added to the pool water, where it runs through an electrically charged generator, converting the salt to chlorine! Test strips are available to check your water’s metal levels. Better yet, take a sample of your water to your local pool store and have it professionally checked! They can recommend alternative treatments, metal removers and filters that will keep your copper levels in check!

Wash your hair!

As soon as you step out of the pool,  shampoo and condition your hair! Rinsing away any pool water will safeguard your color and save you an extra trip to the salon!  We love Bamboo Luminous Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. We also recommend shampooing once a week with Kevin Murphy’s Maxi-Wash, a detoxifying shampoo that removes the unwanted product and mineral build-up, prepping the hair to better absorb nutrients.

Well, well, well…you have green hair!

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, hair disaster strikes and a trip to the salon is necessary.  b.LUXE color-corrective services can get your summertime hair back to the beach in no time! To rectify those mossy locks, chlorine and hard water hues need to be extracted and purged from the hair with a Malibu Demineralizing Treatment!  Read the benefits below!

  • Draws out even hard-to-budge well and pool water mineral deposits with a crystallized Vitamin C natural wellness treatment
  • Whisks away discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper
  • Unclogs calcium from the hair follicle to prevent dry, flaky scalp issues
  • Ensures successful processing of chemical services like color, highlights, perms and relaxers
  • Instantly rejuvenates the health, texture, and appearance of your hair
  • Prevents future deposits while infusing moisture, shine, and manageability

Once we’ve pulled the impurities from your hair, we’ll seal in the shine with a Goldwell Colorance, adding weeks of luster and an extra layer of protection against any Medusa hair! 

Let the artists at b.LUXE bring your summer damaged hair back to life and beach-ready with a variety of corrective color services and reconstructive treatments. The above-featured products are all available for purchase and in our Medway Studio. 

The long, sunny days of summer are almost upon us and with a little prep and care, your color can stay soft, vibrant and most importantly… free!

Mention Coupon Code GOODBYEGREEN for $5 off your next Demineralizing Treatment. (Must be combined with color service. Expires June 30, 2018)

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