Ok. Confession time, ladies…When’s the last time you really looked through your makeup bag?? Be honest… It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? What do you think is lurking down there at the very bottom? A few relics of faddy makeup trends that were “so you” at the time of purchase?  Maybe that super hi/lo contour palette was a bit ambitious? And we all know exactly how many times you used that gold glitter shadow!  b.LUXE wants to help you clean out your makeup kit and streamline your routine with our “Dump the Junk” makeup event on Friday, September 21st…Only $65 and you receive a $40 makeup credit!!…read on for details.

Does this sound familiar: “Spend $40 today and receive this trendy beach tote filled with this summer’s hottest products!’  Yet, three summers later you still haven’t used that frosty shadow duo that came with it! (Love the tote, though!)

We’ve all done it! The impulse purchase: The eyeliner your salesperson told you “made your blue eyes pop!”  The scientifically color-matched foundation that still turns you a little orange or that matte red lipstick your girlfriend swore made you look “sooo Parisian.”  We’re bombarded every day with product assurances of radiant skin, longer lashes or the perfect smokey eye. We all want to put our best face forward and look as young and put together as possible, but the reality is a lot of us don’t know the basics when it comes to applying our own makeup! And unfortunately, all those impulse purchases are clogging your makeup feng shui! Ok, so you’ve dumped out your makeup bag and there in front of you sits a few foundations, a  1″ remnant of your favorite, now discontinued eyeliner, a blush with only a sliver of pigment, a tube of mascara and 20 micro-sized samples from the past few years (yes…years) ….

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or compulsively buy product, never truly finding what looks best on you. It’s time to strip your kit down to what you love and even more importantly, what works! We put on makeup for one reason…it makes us feel better! Makeup should provide coverage, balance, and color. The right combination of these is what gives you that fresh, face-forward confidence we all crave!

Here’s where the makeup artists from b.LUXE can help!

On Friday, September 21st, from 12 – 8, we’ll be holding our first DUMP THE JUNK makeup event of the year! We’ll help you streamline your makeup kit and nail down your routine!  Let’s dump that bag together! Out with the old and in with the new!  We’ll comb through your products and decide what works and what needs to go! For just $65 you’ll receive a customized makeup lesson with a full makeup application and a $40 credit towards your makeup purchase!

Makeup doesn’t have to be a mystery. We’re here to help! Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!!

Space is limited!  Contact b.LUXE to book your DUMP THE JUNK makeup experience today!

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