Have you ever loved your stylist? Like, really loved your stylist?? You know that bond we’re talking about:  you’ve been with her for years, tell her all your deep, dark secrets, feel comfortable and satisfied and would never dream of leaving her, right? Then one day she’s booked and you simply HAVE to get in, so you see her coworker…only once, you promise!  But something happens…you really like your hair!  The color feels a little more you, it flows differently. Perhaps it felt fresh and new or maybe you just liked the change.  And then, there it is… the guilt and anxiety. You LOVE your stylist, but you really LOVE your new hair.

What do you do? Maybe book another appointment with your stylist and hope to rekindle the spark? Sneak in to see Stylist B on your regular hairdresser’s day off, enduring a pit in your stomach the whole time!  

“Please don’t let her see me!!  I’m cheating on my hairdresser with another hairdresser!!”

In your mind you’re thinking “How can I switch without insulting her and hurting her feelings??? How do I break up with my stylist?”

We get it, we do, because we love our clients, too! It’s a tough thing when clients become your friends and you grow attached to them.  We look forward to seeing you every six weeks. But, even though it feels emotional, it’s a service industry. You’re the client and our number one goal as a team is to make sure you’re happy with the service you’re paying for.

AND, it’s your hair!  It doesn’t mean any one stylist is better than the other, it’s just change and change is good and sometimes necessary!  We’re pretty sure you’ve switched up your moisturizer or toothpaste at some point in your life without feeling guilty!  It’s hard to imagine that this is the same scenario, but it is! The only difference is you don’t have history with your mouthwash or great conversations with your deodorant.  

The b.LUXE team believes in one thing – We’re stronger together, we’re a team and teams support each other. So, we’d like to put your minds at ease.  If you should find yourself wanting to switch hairdressers, for any reason, do it!  No need to sideline the owner with an explanation, sneak around or switch salons. If you’re good, we’re good!  You will be met with the same smile and good will you’ve come to know and love from our stylists.  No uncomfortable glances or exchanges, no nervous silences or snarky comments, just a friendly hello and an amazing hair experience!  And with that being said, we look forward to a fabulous year with you!  

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