Let’s start by saying how much hairdressers love their clients!  Everyday, beauty professionals go above and beyond to show their appreciation to their customers.  Tight on time? They’ll get you out in a hurry!  Emergency root touch-up? They’ll squeeze you in!  Boyfriend just broke up with you? Your leaving that chair looking extra fierce! Honestly, if you told them a cartwheel might enhance your salon experience, I’m pretty sure most of them would do it!!! Bottom line: they value you and your beauty needs!

Now, I know that everyone has had to cancel last minute at sometime in their lives. With work, sickness, hectic schedules and family obligations, an occasional cancelation is inevitable.  But it shouldn’t be habitual, and here lies the basis for today’s blog.

Are You A Serial Canceler?

Do you get that pit in your stomach when you’re calling to reschedule – again? Are you always searching for another excuse (different than last months) to move your appointment? Are you waiting till they’re closed to leave a cancellation message?    

Psssst……you might be a serial canceler!

But what really happens when you cancel last minute?  It’s hard to fully grasp the negative impact you have on a stylist’s schedule when you cancel with less than 24 hours. Most days, hairstylists move mountains to squeeze everyone in.  This sometimes means early startimes and ending their day well into the evening, often forgoing any real lunch or dinner breaks. Let’s imagine ourselves in the stylist’s shoes…

(Which, of course are super cute shoes!)

A sudden two and a half hour gap in a tightly packed schedule is a headache, for sure. I think it’s a common misbelief that a replacement can be queued up immediately from a cancellation list. More often than not, that’s not the case. Our days are crazy busy and dropping everything to rush to a last minute appointment is nearly impossible for most folks.

And this brings us to a very important (yet, kinda uncomfortable) part of the discussion – stylists works on commission.  Their pay is based on their sales, not salary. When we cancel, it affects their paychecks and when we cancel last minute, leaving them unable to fill that time slot, it’s a direct hit to their livelihood. 

What is understood in the industry is that occasionally, emergencies pop up and appointments need to be rescheduled. But the occasional cancellation is not the point of this blog. This blog is addressing the repeat offender. A last minute cancellation, missed appointment or showing up late affects the flow of the entire salon.  It leaves your stylist scrambling to fill your spot or scrambling to stay on time and scrambling, when you’re already hustling a full schedule is no fun at all. 

When we make an appointment, let’s prioritize it the same way we would our doctor or trainer, and show up!  And if we have to cancel, a full 24+ hours makes a huge difference in the lives of people who work under a commission schedule. Let them know your week is getting crazy, or you’re running late, and they’ll work with you.  It’s that easy. It’s common courtesy.

We should take away from this discussion that the most important part of a hairdresser’s job is client-satisfaction. The more they can predictably manage their schedule, the more they can give the highest level of service, consistently leaving us looking and feeling amazing!

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