Have you ever made an emotional purchase? (A what, you say?)  Did that bottle of hairspray actually fit your needs or did you just imagine it’s hot pink, glittery can would look fabulous on your vanity?  SURPRISE – You just made an emotional purchase! Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about emotional shopping and why the big-named beauty stores, online retail giants and your local drug stores are not the place to buy your professional hair care products.
Here is a great article explaining some of the emotional triggers used by marketing teams to sell you a product and how it’s not always about what you need, but more how their marketing campaign makes you feel.

Six reasons why you should be buying your hair-care products from your hair salon

Knowledge – Not only does your stylist know you, but they know your hair! Your stylist is an expert! You trust them to keep you looking your best, why wouldn’t you trust their product suggestions? They know your hair’s style, length and texture as well as having your services stored on file.  By coloring and styling your hair on a regular basis, they know exactly what products would work best to fit your budget, routine and lifestyle.
Quality – Instead of buying your products at the drugstore or superstore based on price, let an industry professional suggest to you exactly what your hair needs. Salon products are, hands down, higher in quality, where less expensive products may be diluted and less effective.  Salon products are highly concentrated, meaning you use less with better results! But, you say, my products are also for sale at the drugstore?? Not exactly… Salon products are shipped directly to salons from trusted distributors. Each and every high-end salon product states – “Genuine products guaranteed only when sold in licensed salons.” These items may be old, stolen, or counterfeit.  Many are diverted or grey market which equals super shady and questionable product content.

But here’s the bigger question: Are you really going to spend upwards of $200 on your hair and wash it with what amounts to dish detergent? Food for thought…

Emotional Purchase – Let’s set the scene –  You’ve just walked into a large, retail beauty store (perhaps the decor leans towards hues of orange or black and white stripes, just sayin’…) and BOOM! System overload! There is SO MUCH EMOTIONAL MARKETING!!  Pictures of perfect, flawless women, with gorgeous hair are everywhere! Whether we realize it or not, looking at these images gently nudges us towards purchasing them. “Buy this shampoo and you too can wake up with hair like this!”  We’ve all been influenced by these subtle, yet effective marketing tricks. We want to believe the hype. Our logical selves know the truth, but our impressionable side wants it to be true.
Pretty Packaging – Another hook! I can’t tell you how many products have come home with me because I liked the way they looked. (Emotional purchases!) I bought those products because the packaging was pleasing to me and it appealed to my aesthetic.  In my mind, something that looked that good had to be the best product for my hair, right? Have you noticed that salon products aren’t housed it splashy, rhinestone studded bottles? There’s nothing there that needs to catch your eye because these manufacturers know the only marketing plan they need is to produce a quality product that your stylist recommends.
Salespeople – Who’s helping you pick out your hair care products? You can go it alone, wading through the vast sea of product descriptions, or you can ask a salesperson for help.  Here’s the hitch – they’re only representing a  few manufacturers out of the store’s entire inventory. So, let’s say you inquire about a conditioner that’s best for fine, color treated hair – you’ll only get a recommendation from the products they represent. Not exactly customized service.

Again, your hairdresser knows your hair!  Rely on that!

Community – Here’s another thing to think about when purchasing your hair care products – Your salon is an integral part of your local, small business community.  Buying from them supports your town and it’s overall business health. When you buy from your local salon, you’re supporting it’s staff, the distributors that work hard to bring you the finest products and the many people involved in keeping that salon successful.  Win!  Win!

The b.LUXE team wants to take a minute here and thank our customers for recognizing the importance of buying local and for all of their continued support!  XO

Our team is here to consult, recommend and demonstrate all of our quality products!  We’ll hook you up with the perfect shampoo, conditioner, styling product and setting spray that best suits YOU!!  And, we’ll guarantee the quality!

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