We’ve all heard about the importance of getting out there and practicing your craft in real time. Education and schooling is always your first step to honing your chosen profession, but what happens when the diploma is in hand and the real world comes knocking at your door? 

What might feel like a complete education at your graduation is actually just the beginning of your tutelage.

Let’s chat about the beauty biz – A cosmetology degree is key, but it’s just a fragment of what you’ll need for a successful career.  

Hands on experience, training programs and apprenticeships are always where you’ll find the direction and guidance that prove the most helpful in your goals as a beautician. Finding a good assistant program is challenging, especially in this business.  The b.LUXE team wants to change that.

Hairdressing schools can sometimes do a disservice to students, telling them that upon completion of their degree they’ll be floor-ready hairdressers, but that is most certainly not the case!  There is still so much to learn… As with most professions, schooling is your foundation, but life, practical experience, observation and repetition foster skills. The more skills you gain, the more talented you become and if there is one thing you must be as a hairstylist, it’s talented. 

The b.LUXE Team believes that sharing our knowledge with our apprentices creates a better salon experience. The assistants benefit, as do the clients, and collectively, our business, as a whole, jives better.  Our program is second to none and yes, it’s demanding, but, if you want to be the best at your craft, you have to want it, work for it, and make it a priority in your life.

“I never dreamed about success.  I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder

The b.LUXE Apprenticeship Program:

We are looking for high-quality, motivated, new graduates with a willingness to learn and a willingness to accept what they still need to learn. Our assistants start with the most basic of tasks, but really some of the most important.

Shampooing, answering the phone, sweeping, tidying up, and observing – it can feel like a total snooze fest!  I’m sure many new graduates are questioning why they’re assisting with all this grunt work and not behind their own chair, building their clientele! 

There’s one simple reason: You’re not ready!

Below are three examples of very important tasks that might seem simple and mundane:

Customer Service: Everybody learns the desk! (Everybody!) Each employee at b.LUXE must learn how to book clients, consult with clients, gauge their needs and practice proper phone etiquette. Interacting with customers can sometimes be intimidating. Manning the phones and client checkouts builds communication skills, marketing techniques and gives a level of comfort and ease for future client interactions.    

Observation: Our senior stylists take on the role of hands-on education, teaching cutting and coloring to their assistants. We are a teaching salon that believes we are stronger together.  This means that knowledge, experience and techniques are consistently shared and observing these key components is imperative to mastering them. 

The Shampoo: Shampooing is the perfect example of something you would think is super easy and something you’d have learned in school, but we have a very specific technique and often times it can be the most challenging task to learn.  The proper scalp massage, water temperature, color removal, pressure, product usage and time in the chair must all be considered and implemented. The shampoo is usually your client’s favorite part of their visit. It relaxes them and lends a little luxury to their day. You need to nail it! 

Our training program lasts anywhere from 9 to 18 months. Everyone is different and everyone learns at a different pace.  We encourage each apprentice to explore what they love about this business!  All aspects of color theory and techniques, along with cutting, styling and smoothing processes are thoroughly covered through monthly educational classes and daily guidance from our senior staff.  Color experts, world class stylists and product demonstrations are a regular part of one’s schedule in our program. This level of education gives the assistants the opportunity to find their passion and hone that skill. 

“Details Matter.  It’s worth waiting to get it right!” – Steve Jobs

Our salon creates and encourages very unique opportunities, not only behind the chair, but outside the studio.  Our team of artist’s regularly work on photo shoots, fashion shows, on-site weddings and movie sets. Our work has graced the covers of dozens of magazines and national ad campaigns. What b.LUXE believes, and hopes to imbue in our apprentice program is that the ceiling is only as high as you build it. In fact, forget the ceiling… Reach for the stars instead.

Being a hairdresser is not an accident or a backup plan. It’s not easy…it’s hard work, perseverance, endless education, and sacrifice, but most of all, it’s all about loving what you do!


Please send all applications to Heather@bluxe.comcastbiz.net or call b.LUXE Hair & Makeup Studio at

(508) 321-1624  We look forward to working with you! 

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