b.LUXE has some very exciting news! 

We’re proud to announce that we have two new Senior Stylists! 

Effective September 1st –  Nicole Meconiates and Sarah Meconiates are moving up! 

We’re over-the-moon for these two and know you are, too!   These girls worked very hard to achieve this promotion and we celebrate their hard work and determination!

Congratulations, Ladies!  



Now that we’ve covered the congratulations, what does this mean for you?

A senior stylist promotion comes with a small price increase on their services.  Here is a link to their new pricing – Senior Stylist Pricing

Hair salons customarily offer three different levels of pricing – Junior, Base Stylist and Senior Stylist. These price differences are based on the experience of the artist. Senior stylists have spent years working their way to higher positions, honing their skills, assisting the senior staff, and logging endless hours of education.  When stylists reach these leadership positions, they require no supervision and possess the know-how and talent that equates a higher pay scale.

Senior stylists help train and mentor the junior stylists, helping them move up the ranks.

Senior stylists have a large customer base, log regular continuing-education credits and bring their knowledge full circle. Our senior staff is a critical part of our salon as a whole. They’re the driving force in keeping things innovative, collaborative and motivated. 

“They are the heart of b.LUXE” – Heather Cohen

We know our clientele, understands that this increase represents the value of their talent and is a well-deserved part of their career ascent, but we also understand this new price structure may no longer be inline with your budget…we have a solution for that!

If for any reason this price increase impacts your scheduling decisions, please know, we have many options to fit your budget. We have AMAZING Jr. stylists! Their pricing can also be found on our website under the Jr. Stylist column. https://bluxehairandmakeup.com/hair/

All of the stylists at b. Luxe work as a TEAM….this means that you are welcome to visit any one of our stylists at anytime, regardless of who you usually see! There is no need to feel uncomfortable or feel like you are “cheating.” In fact, our stylists love seeing new “current” clients in their chairs! Some people even opt to stay with their current stylist for their color services and have their hair cut done by a junior stylist to keep their totals down! 

It’s all good!

Our staff, from Junior to Senior, is here to fulfill your hair styling/color needs. 

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer!

Thank you for your continued support and again, congratulations to Nicole and Sarah!

We will see you soon!

The TEAM at b. Luxe

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