You would think wrangling the schedules, whereabouts, preferences, and personalities of 15 different women would be quite difficult for a salon manager….well, it is! But, our Kim faces this challenge every day with a smile and considerate nature that’s unparalleled.

A licensed beautician for 30+ years, Kim stepped away from the chair to take on the day-to-day challenge of managing one of Metro-West’s busiest salons.

“I love getting to know each of our clients and greeting them with the familiarity they deserve. I don’t think there’s a better feeling for a client than knowing we appreciate them and we’re happy to see them again! Yes, juggling 15 schedules, client appointments, product orders and the day-to-day management of salon life can be difficult at times, but my girls and I are a great team! I love my job!”

And we love KIM!!!  It would be an understatement to say the salon would be lost without her support, love, and guidance.

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